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6th International Symposium on Biomedical Simulation ISBMS'14


  • Mar 19 / 2014
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Scientific Preliminary* Programme

Thursday 16th October
08:30 09:20 Registration
09:20 09:30 Welcome
09:30 11:10 Training Systems and Haptics
LP Preliminary bone sawing model for a virtual reality-based training simulator of bilateral sagittal split osteotomy
Thomas C. Knott1 , Raluca E. Sofronia2 , Marcus Gerressen3 , Yuen Law1 , Arjana Davidescu2 , George G. Savii2 , Karls H. Gatzweiler4 , Manfred Staat4 , and Torsten W. Kuhlen1
1Virtual Reality Group, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
2Department of Mechatronics, Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania
3Department of Oral Maxillofacial and Plastic Facial Surgery, University Hospital of Aachen, Germany
4Biomechanics Laboratory, Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany
LP Interactive Training System for Interventional Electrocardiology Procedures
H. Talbot1,2, F. Spadoni2, C. Duriez1, M. Sermesant2, S. Cotin1, and H. Delingette2
1Shacra Team, Inria Lille – North Europe, France
2Asclepios Team, Inria Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée, France
LP A Virtual Reality System to train image guided placement of Kirschner-wires for distal radius fractures
Tian Seah1, Alastair Barrow1, Aroon Baskaradas2, Chinmay Gupte2, Fernando Bello1
1Simulation and Modelling in Medicine and Surgery, Department of Surgery and Cancer, St. Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College London, UK
2Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, St. Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College London, UK
LP Using Airborne Ultrasound as a Tactile Interface within Medical Training
Gary M.Y. Hung1, Nigel W. John1,*, Chris Hancock1 and Takayuki Hoshi2
1Bangor University, Bangor, UK
2Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan
SP Haptics Modelling for Digital Rectal Examinations
Alejandro Granados1, Erik Mayer2, Christine Norton2, David Ellis2, Mohammad Mobasheri2, Naomi Low-Beer2, Jenny Higham2, Roger Kneebone1, Fernando Bello1
1Simulation and Modelling in Medicine and Surgery, Department of Surgery and Cancer, St. Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College London, UK
2Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, St. Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College London, UK
11:10 11:30 Break
11:30 12:30 Keynote by Prof. Mathias BRIEU, Biomechanical Lab, Ecole Centrale, Lille.
12:30 13:45 Lunch
13:45 15:00 Physics-based Registration 
SP Patient-Specific Meshless Model for Whole-Body Image Registration
Mao Li1, Karol Miller1,2, Grand Joldes1, Ron Kikinis3 and Adam Wittek1
1Intelligent Systems for Medicine Laboratory, School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering The University of Western Australia, Crawley-Perth, Australia
2Inst. of Mechanics and Advanced Materials, Cardiff School of Engineering, Cardiff University
3Surgical Planning Laboratory, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA
SP Automatic Alignment of pre- and intra-operative Data Using Anatomical Landmarks for Laparoscopic Liver Surgery
Rosalie Plantefève12, Nazim Haouchine2, Jean-Pierre. Radoux1, and Stephane Cotin2,3
2Shacra Team, INRIA, France
3IHU Strasbourg, France
LP Using a biomechanical model for tongue tracking in ultrasound images
Matthieu Loosvelt, Pierre-Frédéric Villard, and Marie-Odile Berger
LORIA/CNRS, Université de Lorraine, INRIA, France
LP Intra-operative Registration for Stereotactic Procedures driven by a combined Biomechanical Brain and CSF Model
Alexandre Bilger1, Eric Bardinet2, Sara Fernandez-Vidal2, Christian Duriez1, Pierre Jannin3, and Stéphane Cotin1
1Inria Lille – Nord Europe Research Centre
2Centre de Recherche de l’Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle,épiniere, UMR-S975, Paris; Inserm
3Equipe Medicis, U1099 LTSI, Université,Rennes I
15:00 15:30 Break
15:30 16:45 Vascular modeling and simulation
LP 3D CFD in Complex Vascular Systems – A Case Study
Olivia Miraucourt1,2, Olivier Génevaux3, Marcela Szopos4, Marc Thiriet5, Hugues Talbot2, Stéphanie Salmon1, and Nicolas Passat6
1Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, LMR, France
2Université Paris-Est, ESIEE, CNRS, LIGM, France
3Université de Strasbourg, CNRS, ICube, France
4Université de Strasbourg, CNRS, IRMA, France
5Université Paris 6, CNRS, LJLL, France
6Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, CReSTIC, France
LP Computational Stent Placement in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation
Christoph Russ1, Raoul Hopf2, Simon H. Sündermann3, Silvia Born4, Sven Hirsch1, Volkmar Falk3, Gábor Székely1, and Michael Gessat1,3
1Computer Vision Laboratory, ETH Zurich Sternwartstrasse 7, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland
2Institute of Mechanical Systems, ETH Zurich Tannenstrasse 3, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland
3Hybrid Laboratory for Cardiovascular Technologies, University of Zurich Rämistrasse 101, 8091 Zurich, Switzerland
4Division of Cardiovascular Surgery, University Hospital Rämistrasse 101, 8091 Zurich, Switzerland
SP Testbed for Assessing the Accuracy of Interventional Radiology Simulations
Mario Sanz-Lopez1, Jeremie Dequidt2, Erwan Kerrien1,3, Christian Duriez1,2, Marie-Odile Berger1,3 and Stephane Cotin1,2
1INRIA, France
2University of Lille, France
3University of Nancy, France
LP Simulation of Catheters and Guidewires for Cardiovascular Interventions Using an Inextensible Cosserat Rod
Przemyslaw Korzeniowski1, Francisco Martinez-Martinez2, Niels Hald1, Fernando Bello1
1Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London
2Inter-University Research Institute for Bioengineering and Human Centered Technology, Polytechnic University of Valencia
17:00 18:00 Visit of IRCAD
19:30 23:00 Dinner at “Haras”
Friday 17th October
09:00 10:45 Image & Simulation
LP 3D Interactive Ultrasound Image Deformation for Realistic Prostate Biopsy Simulation
Sonia-Yuki Selmi1, Emmanuel Promayon1, Johan Sarrazin1,2, Jocelyne Troccaz1
1UJF-Grenoble 1 / CNRS / TIMC-IMAG UMR 5525, Grenoble, F-38041, France
2KOELIS SAS, 5. av. du Grand Sablon, La Tronche, F-38700, France
LP Interactive Deformation of Heterogeneous Volume Data
Rosell Torres1, Jose M. Espadero1, Felipe A. Calvo2, and Miguel A. Otaduy1
1URJC Madrid
2HGU Gregorio Maraõn
LP Brain Ventricular Morphology Analysis using a set of Ventricular-specific Feature Descriptors
Jaeil Kim1, Hojin Ryoo1, Maria del C. Valdés Hernández2, Natalie A. Royle2, and Jinah Park1
1Department of Computer Science, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and 291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
2Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh, Chancellor’s Building, 49 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh EH16 4SB, UK
SP Extension of a MRI simulator software for phase contrast angiography experiments
Alexandre Fortin1, Emmanuel Durand2, and Stéphanie Salmon1
1Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, LMR, France
2Université de Strasbourg, CNRS, ICube & HUS, France
10:45 11:00 Break
11:00 11:30 Surgical Planning
SP Finite Element Simulation for Optimizing Acetabulum Reorientation after PAO
L. Liu1, T. Ecker2, S. Schumann1, K. Siebenrock2, G. Zheng1
1Institute for Surgical Technology and Biomechanics, University of Bern, Stauffacherstrasse 78, 3014 Bern, Switzerland
2Orthopaedic Department, Inselspital, University of Bern, 3010 Bern, Switzerland
SP Computer-Assisted Surgical Planning for Mitral Valve Repair using 4D Echocardiograms
Mark Hillecke1, Marco Moscarelli2, Nilesh Sutaria2, Gianni Angelini2, Fernando Bello1
1Simulation and Modelling in Medicine and Surgery, Department of Surgery and Cancer, St. Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College London, UK
2Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, St. Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College London, UK
11:30 12:30 Keynote by F. Chinesta (Ecole Centrale Nantes) & E. Cueto (I3A, Zaragoza, Espagne)
12:30 13:45 Lunch
13:45 14:45 Modeling 
LP Generic 3D Geometrical and Mechanical Modeling of the Skin/Subcutaneous Complex by a Procedural Hybrid Method
Christian Herlin1,2,3, Benjamin Gilles4, Gérard Subsol4, and Guillaume Captier1,3
1Dept. of Plastic Pediatric Surgery, CHRU Montpellier, France
2Dept. of Plastic Surgery, Burns and Wound Healing,CHRU Montpellier, France
3Laboratory of Anatomy, Montpellier 1 University, France
4ICAR Research Team, LIRMM, CNRS/University of Montpellier 2, France
LP The MAP client: user-friendly musculoskeletal modeling workflows
Ju Zhang1, Hugh Sorby1, John Clement2, C David L Thomas2, Peter Hunter1, Poul Nielsen1, David Lloyd3, Mark Taylor4, and Thor Besier1
1Auckland Bioengineering Institute, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
2Melbourne Dental School, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
3Griffith Health Institute, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia
4School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia
SP Bender: An Open Source Software for Efficient Model Posing and Morphing
Julien Finet1, Ricardo Ortiz1, Johan Andruejol1, Andinet Enquobahrie1, Julien Jomier1, Jason Payne2, and Stephen Aylward1
1Kitware, Inc.
2Air Force Research Laboratory
14:45 15:05 Break
15:05 16:20 Analysis, Characterization and Validation
LP Comparison of CFD-based and Bernoulli-based pressure drop estimates across the aortic valve enabled by shape-constrained deformable segmentation of cardiac CT images
J. Peters1, A. Lungu2, F. M. Weber1, I. Waechter-Stehle1, D.R. Hose2, and J. Weese1
1Philips Research, Hamburg, Germany
2The University of Sheffield, U.K
LP FE Simulation for the Understanding of the Median Cystocele Prolapse Occurrence
Olivier Mayeur1,2, Gery Lamblin1,4, Pauline Lecompte-Grosbras1,3,Mathias Brieu1,3, Chrystele Rubod1,5, Michel Cosson1,5
1Laboratoire de Mécanique de Lille, CNRS UMR-8107, France
2Université de Lille 2 – Droit et Santé, France
3Ecole Centrale de Lille, France
4Département de chirurgie gynécologique, Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant, CHU de Lyon, France
5Clinique de chirurgie gynécologique, Hôpital Jeanne de Flandre, CHRU de Lille, France
SP The role of ligaments: patient-specific or scenario-specific?
Julien Bosman1,2, Nazim Haouchine1,2, Jeremie Dequidt1,2, Igor Peterlik3,4, Stéphane Cotin1,2,3, Christian Duriez1,2
1Shacra Team, INRIA
2Lille University, France
3IHU Strasbourg, France
4Institute of Computer Science, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
SP Experimental Characterization and Simulation of Layer Interaction in Facial Soft Tissues
J. Weickenmeier1, R. Wu1, P. Lecomte-Grosbras2, J.F. Witz2, M. Brieu2, S. Winklhofer3, G. Andreisek3, and E. Mazza1,4
1Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
2Laboratoire de Mécanique de Lille, CNRS UMR-8107, France
3Department of Radiology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
4Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, EMPA Duebendorf, Switzerland
16:20 16:30 Break
16:30 17:15 Discussion Panel
17:15 17:30 Closing Remarks

Long Paper (LP) : 15 minutes presentation / 5 minutes questions
Short Paper (SP) : 10 minutes presentation / 5 minutes questions

* This programme may change but all the presentations will remain on the day indicated.

Discussion panels

To be announced soon.